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Concrete Splash Blocks

Splash Blocks are concrete pads which are installed at the base of each downspouts. The purpose is to keep the ground from eroding where the downspout discharges and to keep water from draining direct



Extensions are installed on downspouts when the customer wants the water to be carried across a flowerbed and into the lawn area, or possibly to a driveway or sidewalk. Extensions help prevent flowerb

Gutter Installation

We offer gutter installation on any commercial, residential, and multifamily projects. This package is designed for properties without existing gutter already installed. We offer a full list of gutter

Gutter Repair and Cleaning

Many customers are not able, or just do not take the time to clean their gutter. It is very important to keep your gutter clean as it greatly prolongs the life of the gutter. Apex Seamless offers clea

Gutter Replacement

We offer gutter replacement for properties in need of a makeover. This package includes everything from the tear down to the finished product. Please use the contact form below or contact numbers abov


An-ex Seamless offers the most attractive and strongest leafguard on the market. Our leafguards is made of steel covered with a black PVC (plastic) coating to prevent rust and enhance looks.  The leaf

Rain Gutters

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