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Why Are Gutters Important?

To preserve your home’s condition, rainwater must be diverted off of your roof and away from your home. This not only prevents structural damage but also damp interior walls and mold growth. On the average roof, just one inch of rainfall equals hundreds of gallons of water or more that need to be diverted! That’s a lot. Your gutters must be in optimal working condition to handle the load.

Gutter Installation

Standard grade gutters are installed in individual sections, piece by piece. This was the only available option for decades. These standard types do work, however, the joints along the length of the gutters create the conditions that cause leakage. These traditionally styled gutters are better than no gutters at all, but today you have another choice. New technologies have made seamless gutters a more affordable choice for the average customer. and once a person realizes the difference these gutters make in protection, they never look back. Our seamless gutter sections are custom-cut on the job-site to a custom fit. This allows the need for seams at only the corners of your new gutter-system, ensuring a stronger, leak-proof product. Our gutters are made of K-Style heavy-gauge material. We offer a wide variety of colors and gutter options.

5″ OG Style Seamless
6″ OG Style Seamless
5″ Straight Face Seamless
5″ Half Round (Standard Size)
6″ Half Round (Oversized)
Box Gutters (sizes from 2″ up to 10″)

2″ x 3″ (Standard Size)
3″ x 4″ (Oversized)
4″ x 5·· (Commercial Size • Limited Colors)
3″ Round
4″ Round
Square {Custom Sizes Available)

Installation Methods
In order to offer a 5 Year Warranty on workmanship Apex Seamless must install gutters using the finest installation methods.
Your entire gutter will be secured to your home using hidden hangers which snap on the inside of the gutter. The hangers are installed
on 24″ centers and then screwed, or nailed, into place. Tension straps are then added to all gutters if the gutter is not on a flat fascia. These straps prevent the front of the gutter from sagging.

Hand Mitered Corners

All corners installed by Apex Seamless are hand mitered which provides better looking corners with no extra seams. All hand mitered corners look like a picture frame corner with one seam running down the center of each corner, not the two seam as seen on pre-made corners. All seams are then sealed with a lifetime sealant which cannot be seen from the outside of the gutter.

Why Seamless Gutters?

For cost, reliability and beauty, seamless rain gutters from Apex Seamless are a natural choice. Usually made of aluminum or copper and with a durable baked finish, these gutters are fitted to your home or business on-site by a professional installer. Since there are no seams on long runs, you get a beautiful appearance and fewer potential points of failure. Elbows connect the lengths at corners, and end caps finish the job. Beautifully functional downspouts move the water away from your home.

Because your gutters are fabricated at your home or business by a seamless gutter machine, installers can bring coil stock materials to you, eliminating the need for breaking long pieces into small, easily transportable pieces. Without all those seams, there’s a lower chance of leaking and gutters look great year after year, increasing resale value and curb appeal too.

Flutted downspout (2″ x 3″ + 3″ x 4″ + 4″ X 5″)

• Aluminum
• Galvalume
• Copper
• Paint Grip

Round downspout (4″)

• Aluminum
• Galvalume
• Copper
• Paint Grip

Anysize Commercial Downspout

• Aluminum
• Galvalume
• Copper
• Paint Grip

Collector Boxes

• Standard design in any size. Comes in aluminum, galvalume, painted steel, paint grip and copper.
• Decorative designs available upon request


Apex Seamless offer the most  attractive and strongest leafguard on the market.  Our leafguard is made of steel  covered with a black PVC coating to prevent rust and  enhance looks.

Splash Blocks are concrete pads which are installed at the base of each downspou
The purpose is to keep the ground from eroding where the downspout discharges
and to keep water from draining directly on the base of your foundation .
Extensions are installed on downspouts when the customer wants the water to be
carried across a flowerbed and into the lawn area, or possibly to a driveway or
sidewalk. Extensions help prevent flowerbeds from flooding and also keep water
from draining directly on the base of your foundation.
Many customers are not able, or just do not take the time to clean their gutter. It is
very important to keep your gutter clean as it greatly prolongs the life of the gutter.
Apex Seamless offers cleaning on an annual or quarterly basis. When cleaning, we
completely clean and flush all gutter and downspout – top to bottom. In addition, if
there are any problems on older gutter systems. we will be sure to bring them to
your attention.


Apex Seamless Gutters September 6, 2019